Features of IGX-Retail POS

Transparency in Inventory Management

access real-time stock updates on Retail POS and build stronger, healthier customer relationship. Happy customers are evidently a result of happy deals. By precisely knowing inventory in-store, in the warehouse and across branches, and timely restocking alerts, you never go void of products: Mobile phones/accessories.

Enhanced Customer Care

Business processes including product returns, refunds and resale are a matter of few seconds as the software comes with preset protocols to effortlessly carry out the processes. It lets you quickly attend to all kinds of customer requests as the POS tool cushions with up-to-the-minute data handy anytime across devices.

Elementary User Experience

The retail POS tool is developed in layman terms with highly intuitive and self-explanatory user interface. It is just enough if the user possesses the very basic navigation skills to thoroughly explore the POS. Plus, you get personalized experience as the system allows dashboard customization that altogether helps build constructive customer relations.

Explicit Sales Reports –

Get quick view of monthly sales reports and analytics with sharp graphical representations on the dashboard. This helps you measure the success of marketing campaigns and understand where you lag. Deeply analyze the store performance and tweak your sales strategies to build strong customer-focussed approach and assure maximum customer retention.

Customer Relation and Vendor Management

Track and save customer details and interpret their purchase traits to build personalized offers and loyalty programs to increase customer footfall. Further, the POS tool extends an efficacious vendor management system where you can conveniently raise stock requests, place new orders or make product returns as required.

Accounting and Billing Solution

Stay updated with the store cash flow using our systematized cash and billing management system. It helps you easily identify the credit type: debit card, credit card, cash, bank transfer, or others. The retail POS system further simplifies the overall process of accounting including Taxing and billing calculation for Discounts and special offers with utmost ease.


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FREE – Basic Plan


1 User For 60 Days

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  • Entry Level of Stock Management
  • Features Provided
  • Maximum 5 Categories
  • Maximum 5 Suppliers
  • Manage 10 Products
  • Unlimited Stock takes
  • Limit up to 50 Transactions
  • No Inventory Management
  • No Threshold limit level for product ordering

Standard Plan


10 User

  • Premium Level of Stock Management
  • Features Provided
  • User Access Managementd
  • Unlimited Product Categories
  • Extended limit For Adding Suppliers
  • Maximum Number of Products
  • Unlimited Stock Takes
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Threshold Limit Set For Ordering Products
  • Inventory Management to Manage Available Stocks