Infogenx – Why Ionic Application Development is better in 2019

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Infogenx – Why Ionic Application Development is better in 2019

Today, there are lots of mobile applications are developed rapidly. Most of the clients wish to work together with organizations by means of mobile phone applications. 

If you are reading this blog, you might be confused about choosing a cross-platform framework for your next application development project.

By 2019, Hybrid application development with Ionic plays a great role in the mobile application development market. These Ionic framework applications run inside a compartment and can be introduced as a local application. An application created with Ionic can be responsive with no doubt. 

Read this blog till the end and grab all the information you need in order to choose Ionic as your application development platform! 

What is Ionic?

Ionic is an open source platform and a front-end software development kit. It is used to develop various hybrid mobile applications with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It offers components and native API’s that are based on mobile optimized web technologies.  

The latest version of the Ionic platform has an efficient performance as it uses minimal DOM manipulation. Angular is one of the major parts that increase the efficiency and performance of the Ionic platform.

Ionic platform also has its own command line interface tool which will allow you to scaffold and develop an application. It can also avoid writing boilerplate code which can save your precious time. 

Benefits of developing Hybrid application with Ionic framework platform

Ionic is suitable to build various cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, and Windows. As it is the most flexible platform there are several benefits that hang along with it. Below are some of the important benefits that you can acquire by making use of the Ionic platform. 

1. Single code based- JavaScript

The only one programming language you have to learn is JavaScript. With this single programming language, you can develop two to three different platforms. Whereas, in Native application development, you might have specific and separate projects for each platform. You might require HTML and CSS which actually doesn’t come to count as both are developer friendly always. 


  • Projects can be done with one language
  • Training new developers under one particular language can be easier
  • JavaScript is a beginner friendly language
  • Most of the developers would have already used JavaScript

2. Low entrance barrier

Most of the developers know very well that they can see results quickly if they are developing applications using JavaScript. As the Ionic platform uses Angular framework, it will take only a few minutes for getting started. 

Unlike Swift or Java, Ionic does not have any special interface builder inside IDE. Every first step like creating first elements, views, native elements, and more can be done through HTML which is an easy deal for even beginners.


  • Default Ionic templates are available to start 
  • Ionic apps can be previewed in the browser
  • Easy setup process which will take only five minutes excluding Android SDK or Xcode download (might require 2 hours)
  • Ionic getting started guide is available

3. Great User-interface components

Ionic platform comes along with a pre-defined styling for different components. It will give you the feel of native elements. This clearly describes that Ionic applications can look native across different platforms by providing material design touch in Android, current iOS look, and adaptive Windows look. This act as a great advantage as you can concentrate on styling the application instead of focusing on native touches. 


  • Highly native elements that look great on all devices
  • You can concentrate on developing application rather than concentrating on responsiveness
  • You can offer improved user-experience

4. Native plugins

If you are new to cross-platform you might have the confusion in getting access to devise features with JavaScript. This confusion can be solved with the help of Capacitor. This plugin Capacitor is built into Ionic which can package our application into website view. You can even make use of native device features like camera, email client, and more with Capacitor bridge. 

Ionic platform makes this more simple by providing a package called Ionic Native. This package combines Capacitor plugins into a friendly Angular way so that they can be used easily inside the application.


  • Simple to build applications with Ionic Native
  • Native device features can be utilized

5. Powerful Command Line Interface

Ionic platform includes a very handy command line interface (CLI). You need no worry whether you are creating a new project, need to compile your project with native projects or do something else inside your project, CLI will support you in all circumstances. 

Command line interface has an architecture with which it can help you in creating new files and folders. It comes along with a lot of tools to make the developing procedure easier.


  • Live reloader server with preview can be started
  • Styling for different platforms can be viewed in the browser
  • Great support form command line interface

6. Development and speed testing

Every developer who has developed native applications know that it takes a lot of time to develop and debug while redeploying applications to a simulator or device. This process can be much simplified with the help of the Ionic platform.

Applications that are developed with the Ionic platform has features that will bring up a browser and display how applications look on different platforms. Whenever you make changes to your code, the live reload will be triggered and it will be updated automatically.


  • Progress of development can be made faster
  • Previews can be viewed side by side
  • Automatic updates 
  • Easy process

7. Open-source platform

One of the major advantages of grabbing Ionic platform is that you don’t have to pay for any license to develop your enterprise applications. Additionally, there are options to track the Ionic team. You can get all the information like what the Ionic team is working on, which bugs and issues are open, and you can even request to fic issues on Github repository


  • Platform is free
  • Any enterprise applications can be developed
  • Ionic team works can be tracked as it is an open source platform
  • You can request to fix issues via Github repository

How to set up the Ionic platform for application development?

Install Nodejs and package manager

The basic thing required to run and develop Ionic applications is Nodejs because Ionic platform needs Node’s CLI to generate resources and build tasks. If you would like to download Nodejs and its package manager (npm.), click here. All the ionic projects require package manager in order to download each and every dependency.

Here is the code that helps you to check whether Nodejs is installed correctly, in your terminal window or not.

$ node -vv6.11.0
$ npm -v3.10.10

Install Typescript

The next step is to download and install the Typescript compiler.

Here is the code that helps you to check whether Typescript is installed correctly or not.

$ npm install -g typescript
# After installation, to check if installed correctly:$ tsc -vVersion 2.3.4

Install Capacitor and Ionic CLI 

Here is a code to install Capacitor and Ionic CLI. 

npm install –save @capacitor/core @capacitor/cli

After installing you have to initialize the Capacitor with the help of below code.

npx cap init

You can also add the platform for which you want to build the application. This is an example code that is written for the Android platform. You can tweak the code according to the platform you wish to develop your mobile application.

npx cap add androidnpx cap open android

Winding Up

Hopefully, you have all the necessary information you require in hand by now. This would be the right time to decide the platform which can improve the user experience and lead your business to a higher level. 

If you are planning to build your hybrid application using Ionic platform do reach us. At Infogenx, we develop custom and powerful Ionic applications that meet your needs exactly. 

Have you ever been benefited from any other mobile application development platform? Drop us a line in the comment section below, we would be happy to hear back!

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