Everything You Need to Know About Data Management and Visualization

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Everything You Need to Know About Data Management and Visualization

In today’s competitive business market, data plays a vital role and almost all organizations and industries agree with it. Measuring and organizing this big data may sound difficult in most of the cases and may require a lot of manual effort.Here is where data management and visualization comes in. Whether you are a small organization solopreneur or a big industry owner, you have to manage your data. Data management can improve data sharing, data security, and increases the organizational accessibility towards data.

In this blog, we have narrowed down and delivered a complete guide on data management and visualization. Go through the entire blog and acquire all necessary information about data and the ways to manage it.

Data Management:

Data management is an administrative process that helps large organizations and enterprises by providing solutions for acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing all the useful data. All the data management platforms help big companies to leverage big data to identify the pattern of customer engagement and increase customer lifetime value (CLV).

The use of data management software is becoming an essential one for every industry because data is created and consumed at unprecedented rates. Therefore, the top data Management Platforms help organizations get complete visibility into critical insights of customer behaviors for a higher competitive edge.


Simply collecting all required data doesn’t help you in any way. However, it is important to store and manage it well for making any insight out of it. Data Management and data analytics can only be thriving if big companies figure out how they will gain value from the raw data. Therefore, efficient data management systems are required for processing, filing and validating each and every data. 
Tips: First off, companies must consider the result they expect from the data before categorizing and organizing it. This will help to get the actionable intelligence that is required for making truly data-driven business decisions.

Data Management Best Practices:
Data Management starts with the business question that helps in the development of the organization and then obtaining the necessary data needed to answer that question.

In order to make better business decisions a huge amount of data is collected from various resources and mined using best practices for better analytics. A few data management practices that big companies use include-

Simplified access to established and developing data
Integrate data into enduring business methods in order to introduce quality
Shape data using simple and flexible administration techniques
Data management with Visualization
Businesses get massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data regularly from various resources, thus managing the data is the primary step towards supervising it properly. The power of such large data can only be harnessed through best data management practices with data visualization.

Data analytics gathered from such big data can be used in the following ways-

1. Individualize customer experiences
2. Improving customer interactions by adding value
3. Real-time identification of business issues for improving marketing strategies
4. Procuring the benefits that come through data-driven marketing
5. Emphasizing customer engagement and Brand loyalty

The big data is viewed as a corporate asset that extended the concern about data associated responsibilities. Thus it is used to create highly optimized and personalized user experiences by creating a multiracial, cohesive and actionable panorama of every customer.
A detailed view of data visualization
Data Visualization can be simplified as an illustrative representation of a large amount of data. By using visual elements like graphs, maps, and plans data visualization helps to recognize trends for making effective business decisions.
Common formats of data visualization
Charts – area chart, bar chart, gantt chart, etc 
Tables – text tables, image tables, etc
Graphs – bullet graph, wedge stack graph, etc
Maps – heat map, treemap, etc 
Advantages and benefits of good data visualization
Companies gather huge amounts of data regularly and it is important to extract meaningful insights from the data which is understandable. Data visualization helps to get useful information from such big data in the form of easily recognizable visual patterns.

All the professional industries can be profited from making data more efficient and intelligible. Data visualization can help your organization in these four basic ways-

Improved response time
Greater Simplicity
Easier Visualization of pattern
Enhanced collaboration

Apart from these four, below are other benefits that you can gain by implementing data visualization.

Data visualization can clutch your interest and keeps you centered on the business goals
The trends and outliners can be easily identified using graphs that keep the business ahead of its competitors
Visualization can act as a key to optimize trillions of data created every day
Data visualization can remove the noise from the data and zenith only useful information for business growth and customer value
Effective Data Visualization work collectively for conveying the appropriate message
All the STEM fields use data visualization including marketing, finance, consumer goods, education, social, government, service industries, product industries, etc
Data visualization is creative and inventive which makes it the most useful skill to develop

The better you communicate your points visually, the better you utilize the information gathered. Therefore, data management along with visualization can enhance your business growth.
Top 9 Data Management and Visualization tools
Data management and visualization tools can help you to automate your day to day activities. Below are some useful data management and visualization tools, 
Data analytics tools 
1. IBM infographic information server
2. SAS data management
3. PowerCenter Informatica
4. Pentaho Business Analytics
Data visualization tools
5. Tableau
6. Infogram
7. ChartBlocks
8. Datawrapper
9. Plotly
Winding Up
A perfect data management solution can provide you with better access to data and allows you to share information across your organization. There are a lot of automation tools to manage your data in day-to-day life. But professional assistance can help you better because they would have faced a lot of issues and solved them with technical support instantly.

As data are a highly trustworthy one, it should definitely be kept safe and secure from online hackers. If you would like to hire professional assistance do reach us. At Infogenx, we provide data management and visualization solutions with the help of our experienced technical team.

Are we missing anything? Do not neglect to comment below. We would love to hear back!

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