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Why go Digital for Your Business?

Customers are always on the look out to know more about your business and its offerings. Thus, your business is expected to be omnipresent and being on the digital space is imperative at this point. Stay ahead of your competitors with effective segmenting, targeting, and remarketing of your audience by sealing your spot in the digital space.

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            With Infogenx, know what it means to have augmented ROI with superlative digital marketing services from the best-in-class industry specialists. Infogenx supports businesses from varied industry verticals, and ensure a massive web presence. Enjoy engaging all of the potential

Search Engine Optimization

They say, the best place to hide a corpse is the second page of any search engine because no one goes there. Creating an awesome website and not taking efforts to rank it on search engines may leave a huge impact on your business. Optimize your website with our expert panel and ensure high customer visibility for enhanced sales generation.

InfogenX - Digital Marketing

Data Storage & Indexing

  • Accessible: With effective indexing, search engines reach and index your website.
  • Content: Our superlative content writers create content for your website that answers customer’s search query while creating back links and citations.
  • Keyword Optimization:Significant keywords are placed on your website to attract search engines.
  • User Experience: Your website is organized in a way to enhance user experience with faster loading speed, while making it easy to use , navigate and accessible on a range of devices
  • Meta data:The title, URL, and descriptions are designed keeping track of the algorithms to draw higher Click-Through Rate (CTR) in rankings. The schema and Snippet mark-up are also modified suitably so that your website appears in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

Social Media Marketing

The number of users on social media platforms like Face book, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter are only increasing exponentially each day. They have proven to be very effective in increasing the brand image and mileage. Infogenx gives you a cracker of an opportunity to establish your business in these forums and target your audience. We, at Infogenx, help your business, design effective social media marketing strategies so that you can attract the right traffic to your business.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are an amazing tool for customer seeking information and resources about your business. Search Engine Marketing also gives your company increased visibility and hence more scope in reaching your target audience. This is a gold ore for businesses to seize. With Infogenx, list your business on top of search engine results page and scale up your business. We integrate web analytics into our solutions to help you improve the results of your promotional campaigns. Our solutions are available for common search engine marketing platforms like Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Search. We also counsel you in building your keyword base, bidding and all other related activities.

Pay Per Click Management

Direct relevant traffic to your business and allow your customers to browse, listen, view, register to, or buy its products and services. Infogenx lets you place advertisements on search engines results pages, social networks and other digital media. You only pay a minimal amount to the publishers, whenever their advertisement is clicked. Infogenx helps you design an end-to-end PPC campaign by researching and selecting relevant keywords, organizing these keywords into effective campaigns and ad groups, and setting up PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions. With our PPC solution, you gain the following benefits.

Faster Results: PPC advertisements can deliver faster responses and drive relatively more traffic than other modes (such as SEO).

Negligible Investment: Since search engines do not charge businesses to place PPC advertisements, the investments are minimal.

Global Recognition: PPC advertisements have a wider audience reach, so that you can drive relevant traffic from any part of the globe.

E-Mail Marketing

With the conventional digital marketing tools like live messengers, chatbots, and virtual reality,you might feel email marketing might seem to be outdated and ineffective. But real metrics indicate that email marketing has retained its charm, simply because email marketing is easier to execute and registers higher Return on Investment (ROI).Segregate your audiences wisely and achieve higher open rates which directly signifies higher engagement.

Start you Email Marketing journey with Infogenx. Our experts will help you to,

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  • Buildyour customer network.
  • Createengaging and device-responsive content for emails.
  • Planthe marketing campaigns to different customer segments.
  • Integratethese campaigns with social media.
  • Monitorthe effectiveness of the campaign.
  • Analyze the results and give fruitful results.

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