Data Management

Data Management Services

Data is an asset of any business and managing data is a vital role. As businesses collect ample social, market, transaction, product, and customer data every day, it is essential to manage and maintain that data in a useful way to get the best use out of it. Even with the advancement in technology it becomes a demanding task for businesses to store, manage and process this data. 

The success of any business depends on its capability to manage and consume data efficiently irrespective of its source, type, and size. We at Infogenx perfectly understands this, and helps you in managing your data effectively through our robust and efficient data management system.

Infogenx works on the “Intelligence-First” principle and provides you with the best Data Management solutions that advocate true “Data democracy”. We assure you to provide the most secure database platform so that every single bit of your information is safe.

Database Management System

With the advancement in technology, endless amount of data is pouring in from different sources and formats. To manage, store and process this data is a crucial task for every business. Being one of the most reliable ‘Database Management Services’ providers, we offer best in class services across industries. We are expertise in both open and close source databases. We are also well versed with the new age data management system which helps in data securing, data sharing, data integration, data access and data auditing. Fueled by the latest technology, our data management system is designed to store, retrieve, manipulate, and manage your data in a database while considering appropriate security measures. DBMS follow set of rules in order to manipulate and validate the data. Infogenx supports structured database (Oracle, MYSQL, MS SQL Server, Postgre etc.) and unstructured database (Mongo, HBase, Cassandra etc.) as well as small and large volume in cloud and on premises environment. We have ACID compliant DBMS which ensures the accuracy and consistency of your data in database.

Master Data Management

Infogenx provides a centralized Data Management platform that helps in ensuring that you have complete control over your data including historical data. We help you in reducing risks by eliminating errors with the help of our Master Data management service. We help you to manage, categorize, organize, and synchronize your data as per your business norms of operational strategies, sales, and marketing.

Metadata Management

Providing best Metadata management solutions to manage your business data of any type and size. Our solution overlooks data across four phases that are data analysis, data value, data governance, and risk and compliance. Meta management tools ensure that the data can be integrated, maintained, shared, accessed, analyzed, and linked in the best way across the organization.

Data Governance

We provide effective data governance which helps in solving data inconsistencies in different systems across the organization. Our efficient data governance ensures the consistency and authenticity of your data. Governance models also save it from getting misused. We provide one of the best solutions for collecting, analyzing, storing, integrating, and accessing data.

Data Quality

Data is the core part of any business and the Quality of data that is gathered, stored, and consumed during business operations determines the success of your business. We at Infogenx offer a balanced set of remedies that prevents all the data quality issues and make it fit for use in planning, operations, and decision making. We work on five traits of data quality that are accuracy, reliability, completeness, timeliness, and relevance.

Data Archival

Data Archival helps in reducing your primary storage requirement by keeping only that data that is required for daily operations in primary storage. Older data that needs to be accessed occasionally is moved to a separate storage device. The data when needed can be accessed through these devices anytime.

Data Cleansing

To ensure the quality of your data, we standardize and clean the entire data very carefully. This is done by removing and modifying the inaccurate records from the database, tables, and record sets of your company’s data. Spelling errors are also corrected to make data consistent.