Data Engineering

Why Data Engineering ?

Many people are flabbergasted by the fact that 80% of the total time of any AI project consumed in data engineering and preparation tasks. Without Data Engineering there will be no data and in the era where data is the lifeline of every business, everything will collapse. With time, as the businesses have become data-driven, the cost of storage and computation has dropped and algorithms are available free of cost. So, the right trail of Data Engineering will provide velocity to your data and hence accurate predictions to your business. Data engineering lays a strong foundation of data science which is required for daily business processes. Infogenx provides you the correct approach of data engineering to optimize your business data which helps in better planning and strategizing.

Data Migration

Moving sensitive and important data from one place to another is a hideous task hence solid planning is needed. Infogenx provides efficient and reliable data migration that helps you to migrate your master and dynamic data into your target system effectively. Infogenx offers Cloud Migration, Application Migration, and Storage Migration for your business. 

Data Merge

To acquire clean results and data, multiple incoming datasets are combined in a way to produce a unified output of the same structure. 

Data Lakes

Data is a salient and predominant part of any business hence storing it efficiently is the need of the hour. Data lakes help in storing structured and unstructured data at any scale. Data Lakes simplifies data ingestion, reduces storage and computing cost, and enables self-service capabilities. Multi-structured data coming from different sources such as text documents, enterprise systems, social media platforms, or websites can also be integrated via Data Lakes. 

Data Integration

Integrate multi-structured data from different sources including enterprise systems, text documents, websites and social media platforms.

Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing consolidates significant information from multiple heterogeneous sources into a single data warehouse. Data consolidations, data integration, and data cleaning are part of Data Warehousing. Infogenx offers fast and actionable insights with the help of data visualization tools. We also offer all features of the tool to our clients using Platform as a Service (PaaS) mode.