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Overview of CRM Services

Even though people are slowly moving towards Digital, what they crave for online is the Human Touch. And that is the core reason Customer Relationship Management becomes a whole lot essential.The Digital ecosphere has opened up the gates to a potential global audience for every organization, and managing that data in the right way can help them leverage the huge customer base in their favor.

This is where our CRM services come to action. Our CRM tools can help organizations get the right customer insights with predictive data mining and forecast behavior. This, in turn, can help them trigger a boost in sales, and improve the relationship they have with the customers.

We have some of the best in class CRM tools from the most trusted and widely popular brands. These include:


Salesforce holds about 20% share in the CRM market. It is perfect for large businesses that have a distinct set of businesses. Salesforce provides a ton of features that are perfect for organizations and brands with many requirements to be met at a single platform. Implementing Salesforce is half the job done. We help you set up a seamless CRM platform that will help your operations to be more efficient and customizable.

InfogenX - Web Development

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is known for its Customer engagement plan, which is their brand face for their CRM applications. The trust value of the brand Microsoft needs no introduction. It integrates business operations with their customer support and is also affordable for startups and small scale industries. We at Infogenx will guide you through the process of Installing, Customizing and managing the entire process from the beginning till the end.
At Infogenx, we have partnered with Salesforce and Microsoft to help client brands understand their customers to make their experience and relationship with the brand even more personalized and human. We expertise in:

Proximity Marketing

Infogenx Proximity Marketing solution enables organizations to transform their retail in-store experience by delivering actionable..


Our Digital Advisory Sales/ Service Platform empowers sales and service associates with real-time contextual information about

Digital Query Assistant (DQA)

Infogenx Digital Query Assistant is an artificially powered solution which enables organization to access the information they need – when they need it. This solution allows organizations to...

Personalized Product Recommendations

Our personalization solutions combine multiple sources of data for customer profiling and segmentation and create highly personalized recommendations.

Services We Provide

InfogenX - Salesforce Consulting

Design a Customer Relationship Management plan that perfectly aligns with business goals and maximizes ROI.

  • 1.Vision and roadmap
  • 4.Cloud feasibility assessment
  • 2.Business process analysis
  • 5.Mobility and social media
  • 3.Product selection
InfogenX - Web Development

Choose the best-fit CRM solution and seamlessly integrate it with existing enterprise architecture to enhance efficiency.

  • 1.Product configuration
  • 4.Customization
  • 2.Data management
  • 5.Integration
  • 3.Mobile enablement
InfogenX - Salesforce Consulting

Extend functionalities of CRM solution to solve unique business problems.

  • 1.Social + mobility
  • 3.Customer data hub
  • 2.Web portal
  • 4.Third party UI mashups
InfogenX - Mobile App Development

Transform legacy CRM system to deliver next-generation customer experiences.

  • 1.Legacy applications & CRM
  • 3.On premise CRM to cloud CRM
  • 2.CRM version upgrades
InfogenX - Digital Marketing

Ensure quick and complete adoption and sustained competitive advantage by leveraging continuous maintenance and support services.

  • 1.Ongoing support
  • 3.Shared services
  • 2.Center of Excellence